Kingland Quartz was awarded the title of "Quzhou Patent Demonstration Enterprise"
Release Time:2019-05-10 Hits:4134

Recently, after review and assessment by the competent department and expert team organized by the Quzhou Municipal Market Supervision Administration, CNBM Quzhou Jingrand Quartz Co., Ltd. was recognized as the "2018 Municipal Patent Demonstration Enterprise" in Quzhou.

      Enterprise patent work is an important part of enterprise reform and development, as well as an important part of establishing a modern enterprise system. The acquisition of the title of "Patent Demonstration Enterprise" is a concentrated expression of the company's strong independent innovation capabilities, core competitiveness, technology management protection and application capabilities. Kingland’s winning of this award is the result of high-quality development brought about by the company’s work policy of "scientific management, high quality and efficiency, technological innovation, and customer satisfaction".

      In recent years, Jinglan has built a patent system with the manufacturing and processing technology of quartz glass as the core, and has now obtained 5 invention patents and 19 utility model patents. The proper management and good use of these patents have made outstanding contributions to the company to break the technical bottleneck, optimize the production structure, and accelerate the transformation and upgrading. On this basis, Jinglan will continue to focus on patent work, continuously enhance its technological competitiveness, and lay a solid foundation for further innovation and development.